The Telegraph :: New London, Connecticut


The Telegraph emerged gradually over the course of year ten of the twenty-first century in the small but mighty city on the Sound: New London, Connecticut, United States. Already functioning as an independent label and promoter in the region, a physical store became a necessity for the burgeoning music scene that at the time was busting at the seams featuring the likes of Fatal Film, The Hempsteadys, The Reducers, Paul Brockett Roadshow, Brazen Hussy, Pocket Vinyl, Marvelous Liars, Can Kickers and many more.
The store has a large, well-curated collection of vinyl records both new and old representing all genres including but not limited to punk, reggae, rap, rock, country, folk, blues and jazz on 7, 10 and 12. Youll also find cassettes, cds, dvds, and other musical ephemera throughout. Theres turntables, speakers, boom boxes, and other devices for your listening pleasure. Telegraph also boasts the best used book collection this side of the Thames.
Titus Andronicus at The Telegraph, New London, Connecticut
We also host regular in-store events including concerts, poetry readings, and movie screenings. We're proud to have presented live events featuring the likes of Titus Andronicus, Langhorne Slim and The Law, Mountain Movers, Bearstronaut, SuaveSki, Downtown Boys, The Silks, Landing, Regina Carter, the New West Guitar Group, Ron Gallo, and Violent Mae. The Telegraph regularly partners with the city and other downtown non-profits and businesses to present live music at the store as well as throughout New London and the region.
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