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Music Releases 08-19-22

Artist Title Price
Panic! At The Disco Viva Las Vengeance [Indie Exclusive limited Edition Neon Coral LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Demi Lovato HOLY FVCK [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red LP] New Vinyl: $32.99
Silversun Pickups Physical Thrills [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Violet 2LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Muddy Waters & Rolling Stones Live At Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 [Opaque Red & Opaque White 2LP] New Vinyl: $49.99
Oddisee People Hear What They See [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Bowlero Storm Edition LP] New Vinyl: $26.98
Five Finger Death Punch Afterlife [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Opaque Yellow LP] New Vinyl: $34.98
Thick Happy Now New CD: $12.98
R.E.M. Chronic Town EP: 40th Anniversary Edition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Picture Disc LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Neil Young Eldorado [LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
Eric Church & [LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Rock Eupora Pick At The Scab [Red LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Madonna Finally Enough Love [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition LP + Slipmat] New Vinyl: $34.98
Early James Strange Time To Be Alive [Limited Edition Brown Swirl LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
Oneida Success [LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
The Mountain Goats Bleed Out [Yellow 2LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
SRSQ Ever Crashing [LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
zannie How Do I Get That Star [Violet LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
the pillows FLCL Season 1 Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack and Drama Album) [2LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
the pillows FLCL Season 1 Vol. 3 (Original Soundtrack) [2LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
Anna Tivel Outsiders [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cerulean Splatter LP] New Vinyl: $23.98
Tank R&B Money New CD: $14.98
I Prevail TRUE POWER [Indie Exclusive Low Price CD] New CD: $9.98
Hot Chip Freakout / Release [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Brown LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Watkins Family Hour Watkins Family Hour, Vol. II [LP] New Vinyl: $22.98

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Movie Releases 08-23-22

Artist Title Price
The Black Phone [Movie] The Black Phone New Blu-Ray: $34.98
Dirty Dancing [Movie] Dirty Dancing [4K] New Blu-Ray: $22.99

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